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NuSpecies, the Dutchess Natural Nutritional Formulas Company, Adds Two Physicians as Medical Consultants

Luna Amelingmeier, M.D., and Katie Wilhelm, M.D., have joined the staff of NuSpecies, a Pawling-based manufacturer of natural nutritional formulas. The two physicians will consult with NuSpecies clients—tracking their progress and monitoring their lab work and medications—to ensure that their custom NuSpecies program helps them reach their health goals.

NuSpecies uses a cold-processing technique to maintain the nutritional integrity of the plant-based and plant-derived ingredients used in its liquid supplements. From consultation to follow-ups, clients have a NuSpecies medical practitioner who stays in sync with their primary care doctor or specialists. All client health information is stored in a HIPAA-certified system.

Amelingmeier grew up watching her father practice natural medicine and saw firsthand how herbs could help people. As a practitioner of western medicine, she has worked as a traveling physician in both outpatient and hospital settings. Amelingmeier volunteered to join the earthquake relief efforts in Haiti, where she worked with local clinics to treat patients in need. Since, she has participated in a number of volunteer activities in the Dominican Republic and worldwide, helping support provision of health, educational and housing resources to those living in poverty.

Wilhelm spent more than a decade as a primary care physician, educating patients about their acute and chronic illnesses and helping them learn how to make lifestyle changes and incorporate supplements to improve their health. “I have worked extensively with my patients to help them identify the cause of their illnesses rather than only treat the symptoms,” Wilhelm says. “I believe that our bodies have the ability to heal themselves when we give them the proper building blocks.”

Executive Vice President Jillian Pelliccio and President and CEO Aston Farquharson host The NuSpecian Live Thursdays and Fridays at 9:30 a.m. on the NuSpecies app, discussing topics related to health and taking comments and questions. Every other Saturday at 4 p.m., NuSpecies hosts Aston’s Virtual Office Hours, an open forum for anyone with questions about NuSpecies products.

For more info, call 866.261.8886 or visit