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Natural Awakenings Westchester / Putnam / Dutchess New York

A New Chapter

Marilee Burrell

It has been one of my biggest honors to publish this magazine with Dana for the past 15 years. For health reasons, however, I have officially handed the baton over to her.

Dana was my ideal publishing partner from the start. Often our calls were more about personal and spiritual matters than work. Yesterday, for example, on our call, we concluded that there are two big lessons in life: to trust the journey and to love more.

One lesson I thought I had learned from a favorite teacher was: “Life is not supposed to be a struggle; life is about joy.” Upon reflection, I see that I’ve worked hard (often struggling) in all my jobs—working late, weekends and taking my laptop on vacations. Looking back, however, I am proud of the person I became, the lives I have touched, the love generated, and the awareness I bring with me into my next chapter.

Because I’m sure there are questions, here’s some information about my condition. I received news in October: metastatic liver cancer and probable biliary duct cancer.

I first tested positive for elevated liver enzymes about five or six years ago, around the time I discovered Anthony William. I decided to start doing the things he recommends for migraines and cleaning up the liver, instead of pursuing more tests. His low-fat, mostly vegan food recommendations worked, but I didn’t stick with it.

I believe the biggest factors affecting my health have been the massive amounts of Tylenol I took over the decades, the genetic component (my aunt also had this unusual form of cancer) and the mind-body connection (habitually overworking and under-recharging).

When you read this, picture me now in Oregon with a wonderful team: end-of-life choices, hospice, family and cats, surrounded by love. And know that I’m excited about the transition into nonphysical and being reconnected with my loved ones on the other side.

My life has been rich, and I am grateful beyond words for my playmates along the way: family and friends that I’ve been privileged to share my journey with.

I would like to end with this: Love is the antidote for fear and judgment. And, it turns out, it’s all we take with us.

Peace be with you,


Marilee Burrell, Publisher

Dana Boulanger

Feels like my life is changing faster than I could have ever imagined. On the heels of saying goodbye to my mom in October, I now say farewell to Marilee, my publishing partner of 15 years. I am grateful to have been blessed to navigate this Natural Awakenings journey with such a magnificent and spiritually open soul. Thank you, Marilee, for choosing me to be your publishing partner and allowing me to share this adventure with you.

Through the years, we have always strived to educate and inspire our readers to lead healthier lives on a healthy planet, as well as connect and support our local wellness businesses and community. I am committed to continuing this.

To allow my new team and me time to find our flow, I have rescheduled the 2023 Natural Living Directory to be published in our March edition—a great time to welcome change and energize your wellness routine.

I invite you to savor this time of year when friends and family often gather. Sharing heartfelt connections provide sweet memories that last forever. Marilee will always be with me. Please send her loving light on her spiritual journey.

With love,


Dana Boulanger, Publisher