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Astrology for February 2023 – with Pamela Cucinell

Jan 31, 2023 09:31AM ● By Pamela Cucinell
To Ski as a Metaphor

Stay on task when thoughts scatter February 1; focus does increase by late afternoon. Your own inspiration on Groundhog Day/Imbolc can be at odds with another’s perceived security. Discomfort chafes on February 3 when a disruption upsets the plan. Creative tension on February 4 offers new options to those that accept that a responsibility comes with action. The February 5 Leo full moon invites players that adapt to surprises or detours with aplomb.

Tenacity Rewards

Meet obligations in the early a.m. February 6, then follow-through, take care of details and organize. High output February 7, especially when frustration transmutes into productivity. Communication deepens late evening February 8, whether romantic, business or internal. February 9 through 10 demands a deep dive into hard conversations; those that avoid them go nowhere. Re-access disagreements or contracts February 11, when common ground is available, as well as the next few days.

Big Strides

Stay with difficult passages, personal or business, on February 12; the process requires patience. Avoid discouragement February 13; if things don’t go as planned, find reliable alternatives. This February 14 requires specific “asks” for some people. Declare what you want and listen to the desires of others—love requires we show up. From mid-afternoon February 15 to end of day, your luck is with whom you connect. Plow through projects on February 16 through 17 to achieve the satisfaction of accomplishment.

Keep Alert as Speed Increases

The dark of moon February 18 through 19 supports concentration to clean the slate for fresh starts. The February 20 Pisces new moon enables graceful transformation; set your intention! Possibilities expand, but pace yourself February 21. February 22 be aware of thin ice. The fast track has a major toll at the end of the road February 23.

Sharpen the Blade

Time in nature February 24 restores equilibrium. A lot of buzz February 25 indicates it’s time to find quiet contemplation. Gather your thoughts the morning of February 26 to produce satisfactory results. Information gleaned on February 27 supports successful outcomes. Schedule meetings for late morning through early evening February 28 for maximum clarity in communications.

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