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Natural Awakenings Westchester / Putnam / Dutchess New York

Every Day is Earth Day

The theme of this month’s edition is People, Planet and Purpose, and within these pages, you will find a terrific lineup of articles that I hope will get you thinking of ways you can do your small part to make a difference within your household, the community and the world at large. Making more eco-friendly choices, supporting local farmers and shopping small to boost our local economy are just a few things we can all adopt today. Are you with me?

I love the eco-friendly trends that are happening in our region: thrift shops are coming back, libraries are lending gardening tools and all kinds of CSA memberships are being offered. Local entrepreneurs that are more creative and community oriented than ever are flourishing. A great example of this is the Ascend Center + Collective Marketplace on Main Street, in Cold Spring. Read more, on page 10, about this women-owned and mission-driven collective offering classes, services, events and goods that nourish people.

Spring is here and our region is blooming with such a variety of great events! There’s an array of businesses that have recently sprung up that are offering a ton of new classes, and there is no shortage of exciting experiences to be had. This is a fitting time to celebrate our precious Mother Earth. See pages 14 and 15 for local Earth Day happenings.

I don’t know about you, but I have a plethora of reusable bags that I often forget in the laundry room or car. So, what happens is that I end up feeling guilty as I reach for paper bags at the grocery store checkout. I really do try to live by the adage that every day is Earth Day and strive to conserve on everyday items that continue to pollute our beautiful Earth or suck resources from it without real need. If we each make small shifts in our daily habits, I’m sure it will have a profound effect on the health of our planet. Personally, I plan to do better.

We are all so lucky to live here in New York where farmers have started their seeds and are preparing for an abundant growing season. Even though growing my own vegetables has been a joy of mine in the past, this year I have decided to support local farmers—after all, they are dedicated experts and need support. There seems to be a farmers market in practically every town throughout the region and a hearty amount of local farm stores as well. This spring, I will plant a pollinator garden and a variety of kitchen herbs to enhance the farm-fresh fruits and vegetables grown by local farmers here in the Hudson Valley. I look forward to meeting many local growers, knowing I’m doing my part to support them, and this also means I’ll have more free time to just enjoy life!

Be sure to check out our Community Spotlight on page 22 featuring Allison Turcan, founder of D.I.G. Farms and the Westchester Local Food Project. If you are at all able to support their efforts, this is a valuable way to become a part of the important sustainable food movement happening close to home.

May God bless the farmers, and here’s to a bountiful season!


Dana Boulanger, Publisher