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Astrology for April 2023 – with Pamela Cucinell

Mar 31, 2023 09:31AM ● By Pamela Cucinell
Creative Focus

A playful attitude sparks April Fools’ Day, and a generous spirit ignites innovative ventures. Support can nosedive April 2; work with what’s available to stay on task. Tough questions demand research April 3. Morning confusion April 4 abates when you put things in order. Thoughtful conversations April 5 contrast with distractions; whether or not you practice Passover, there is benefit in reflection. The April 6 Libra full moon encourages open discussions.

Momentum Gathers

Love deepens through vulnerability April 7. Surprises on April 8 change some plans, but commit to what is of greatest value. A morning walk in nature on Easter, April 9, helps balance any stress. Exuberance on April 10 can encourage overextension; pace yourself. Tremendous opportunity is available April 11 for those that do the work required.

Till the Soil

Inspiration alleviates a chronic problem April 12. First thing April 13, finish ongoing projects to clear vision for fresh thoughts. It’s much easier to complete tasks April 14 than to begin; even though it’s not yet time to start, capture ideas. Volunteer work, community projects or gardens feed the soul April 15. April 16, creativity, meditation and loving connections thrive and multiply.

Embrace New Starts

Serendipity seems like magic is afoot April 17; let the dream take shape. Tempers rise April 18; allow diplomacy to sidestep ire and aid decisive action. Set intentions April 19 for courageous goals. The solar eclipse/Aries new moon April 20 ignites deep passions to support those goals. Double check communications when Mercury retrograde begins April 21, which continues through mid-May. Youthful voices rise Earth Day, April 22.

Imagination Sizzles

Romance heightens April 23; give yourself a hug. The nesting urge increases April 24. Get a nature or meditation break April 25. Reach out to loved ones April 26. Creativity soars April 27: dance, perform, make art, role-play or dress up and play. Take that exhilaration into April 28, when opportunities can be present. The buoyancy starts to ebb April 29, when practical application of the inspiration is possible. When you don’t obsess over the details, April 30 becomes highly productive.

Pamela Cucinell offers a spiritual astrological perspective for the massive changes of our time, as well as “spot on” guidance through private sessions and podcasts. For more information, contact her at 917.796.6026 or [email protected] or visit or ActiveSpirituality.Life.