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Living with More Joy

June marks the start of summer—a favorite season of mine. The weather is warm, the days are long, nature is flourishing and our communities are alive with all sorts of great happenings including an abundance of farmers markets.

I love supporting local farms and getting to know the farmers that I’m giving thanks to for growing and producing my food. Plus, the energy at a farmers market is great, too—friendly, engaging and in sync with my passion for feeding my family nutritious meals. I am very grateful to live in a region with so many farmers markets where I can buy fresh, locally grown and produced nourishing eats. Be sure to check out our list of area farmers markets, on page 47, and our Foodie Guide, on page 39. 

Our June edition is all about healthy lifestyle choices. I believe the key ingredients to having it all include solid sleep, regular exercise, less stress, daily gratitude, a loving circle, community connection of some sort and good nutrition. What we choose to eat really does matter—be it for sexual health, brain health, vision health or our mental health.

I love reading and learning and then tweaking my diet, especially as I age. This month’s Wise Words interview, on page 40, features Mark Hyman—a practicing family physician and an internationally recognized leader, bestselling author, speaker, educator and advocate in the field of functional medicine. I ordered his latest book, Young Forever: The Secrets to Living Your Longest, Healthiest Life, and relished reading it. One of his discoveries is the nutritional value of goat milk. Apparently, it offers many benefits. After reading his book, I felt compelled to give it a try. So, I inquired on a local social media page what farms have goat milk in Hudson Valley and found two nearby. I bought it, like it and do plan on incorporating it into my nutritional arsenal for aging gracefully. I also ordered his cookbook and will be trying out some new recipes this summer.

I believe making positive, healthy shifts in life at any age can make a huge difference in the quality of our lives and I am absolutely passionate about living with more joy. For me, this means I am happy, healthy, loved and surrounded by others that positively fuel me and share my passion for life.

So, dive into this dynamic edition chock full of great articles; upcoming events, workshops and other happenings; and other wonderful ways to bring more joy into your life. I forgot to mention, I started taking group Pilates/barre classes for improving my core strength, balance and muscle tone. I must say, it feels so good to breathe, engage and strengthen.

Enjoy! And to all the fathers out there, have a happy Father’s Day.



Dana Boulanger, Publisher

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