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New Blood Energy Treatment Offers Deep and Long-Lasting Healing

SearchLight Medical, a practice in Hopewell Junction that provides a holistic approach to healing by utilizing various methods of energy treatments without the need for pharmaceuticals or nutritional supplements, is now offering blood energy treatment (BET).

“BET is a new modality for achieving deep and long-lasting healing,” explains owner Laurie Mallis, M.D., Lac. “When you are ill, the cells in your body develop a positive charge causing them to not function effectively. BET puts healing energy directly into the blood by changing the positive charge to a negative charge. This process energizes the red and white blood cells, which allows them to work more efficiently.”

Mallis explains that the benefits of BET are improved oxygenation; activated white blood cells capable of attacking and removing viruses, bacteria and parasites; decreased inflammation; and an increase in the ability of the immune system to maintain long-term health and well-being.

Location: SearchLight Medical, 2424 Rte. 52, Ste. 1A, Hopewell Junction, NY. For more information, call 845.592.4310, email [email protected] or visit