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Shifting From Stress to Calm Within Seconds

Jun 30, 2023 09:31AM ● By Christine Tucker
Transformational hypnotherapist and spiritual development coach, Michael Rosenbaum, ACHT, MP, attests that we can live fully stress-free. “It might seem funny to say, but there is nothing in life that is stressful. Nothing!” he exclaims. “Stress is just a person’s ‘reaction’ to a situation. For sure there are many challenging situations in life, yet being stressed about anything is a choice that we make.”

Rosenbaum, who has over 20 years in the field helping clients struggling with anxiety, persistent worry and negative self-talk, explains that, while this choice is often an unconscious one, with practice, we can actually make alternative choices that have lasting positive impact.

Psychologists agree that many manifestations of stress come down to the same thing: people get triggered by a certain situation or person and their response is anxiety and high alert. According to Rosenbaum, when people get triggered, the trigger usually comes from a stored impression in the subconscious or unconscious mind. “We create both positive and negative impressions in our mind as we go through life and then often default to the strongest impression of an experience—whether it’s good or bad—and subsequently react in turn,” he explains. “So, what can we do with a strong negative impression? Since whatever we focus on gets stronger and repetition creates strength, we just need to switch the focus.”

Rosenbaum uses hypnotherapy and regression therapy to empower clients to do just this by first helping them discover the root cause of their triggers and then collaborating with them to create a permanent shift. “According to many regression therapists, evidence shows that our initial impressions can start even as early as in the womb, so exploring a trigger’s origin is an important part of healing and rewiring the stress response,” he says. “Doing so can help you to feel calm, optimistic and equipped to face issues head on and build a life that you can freely enjoy, no longer paralyzed or tormented by stress and anxiety responses.”

With all of this in mind, Rosenbaum routinely teaches his clients a meditation and visualization process to create a safe and relaxing place in their mind, using all of their senses. He even teaches them how to get back to that place in a few seconds by a simple hand signal. “Now if a trigger or stress arises, instead of ruminating on a problem and making it more intense, you can shift your focus and instantly begin to calm down,” he assures. “The more real it feels, the stronger the calming results.” Rosenbaum has helped hundreds of clients manage their anxiety with this simple tool and makes this process available to those who request it.

For a free copy of this relaxation tool, email Rosenbaum at [email protected]. Put “Natural Awakenings Relaxation Tool” in the subject line. For more information or for a free 20-minute phone consult, call 914.589.3601 or visit

Christine Tucker is a frequent contributor to Natural Awakenings magazine.