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Natural Awakenings Westchester / Putnam / Dutchess New York

The Magic of Intention

Balancing 4 Life, in Pleasantville, is offering The Magic of Intention, an in-person, eight-week intention group, from September 7 through October 26. 2023. A bonus or make-up session will be available, if needed, on November 2. Space is limited to eight to 12 people, so one must sign up by September 3. Meeting time will be finalized by group members. There will also be an Introductory Class on August 31 that will provide a program outline and format for the weekly sessions.

The Magic of Intention was created by Balancing 4 Life owner Anne Bentzen, MSOT, in collaboration with Carol Ann Canter, MSW. The program is based on the work of science journalist and author of The Power of Eight, Lynne McTaggart. Her scientific research studies validate the extraordinary power of group intention for personal healing and transformation. Canter is a member of McTaggart’s 2023 Intention Masterclass.

“Intention is a powerful way of taking responsibility for directing our lives,” explains Bentzen, a Jikiden reiki teacher and practitioner. “Everything is ‘energy’. We live in a ‘return to sender’ universe of energy. What we put out, we receive back. You can develop the ability to create a new reality for your health, relationships, career or any other aspect of your life when you learn to set specific, focused intentions.”

Location: Balancing 4 Life, 25 Broadway, Ste. 101, Pleasantville, NY. For more information or to register (required), call 914.588.4079 or visit