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Natural Awakenings Westchester / Putnam / Dutchess New York

A Season of Opportunities

“Our tree-lined streets are set ablaze, our kitchens filled with the smells of nostalgia: apples bubbling into sauce, roasting squash, cinnamon, nutmeg, cider, warmth itself.” ~Shauna Niequist

October kicks off the last quarter of 2023 and this is a time when I like to reflect on my current intentions and take stock before the start of the coming new year. For any ambition I feel that I may have neglected or still hope to improve upon, now is a wonderful time to pivot and adjust to what I hope for in the present and make plans for what I want in the future.

This is also a delightful time of year in our home when we tend to enjoy heartier meals, better sleeping, lots of cuddling, invigorating hikes and introspective time in nature. With the holiday season approaching, we are eagerly anticipating the many reasons to gather with loved ones to celebrate life. Yes!

Connecting with my inner circle is not only comforting, but also a positive way to foster my emotional well-being. Do you feel the same? Some of my most cherished memories have been the engaging moments I’ve shared with family and friends, my wellness circle and the experiences I’ve had at fun community events. This fall offers us many opportunities locally such as the Support Connection Annual Walkathon, on October 1, 2023, and the Awaken Wellness Fair, on November 5, 2023, both wonderful annual traditions of community, purpose, education and well-being. See our Community Calendar, starting on page 44, for many more soul-nourishing ideas to experience this month.

Our October feature story, all about the ancient traditions of medicine which include eating seasonally, herbalism, Chinese medicine, energy healing and emotional healing, is fascinating to me. We’ve used this theme as a timely way to highlight a compelling local interview with Dr. Laurie Mallis, founder of SearchLight Medical, in Hopewell Junction. I’m especially excited for you to read her spotlight on page 19 because I know that my health and healing journey is a direct result of all the inner and outer work I’ve done and because I have an amazing wellness team, of which Dr. Mallis is an integral part. I’m also delighted to see this month’s Reader Spotlight on page 11 featuring integrative doctor Minerva Santos, a long-time reader of Natural Awakenings who also happens to be my primary care provider. I hope you feel as cared for as I do by practitioners like these two professional women who are knowledgeable, enthusiastic and bring compassion to their work.

Have you been interested in exploring a new healing technique, adopting a fresh dietary or physical approach or maybe even adding to your own wellness team? This issue contains a plethora of resources and I hope it inspires you to consider your own intentions for the present and future when it comes to healthy and sustainable living.

So, get cozy—maybe with a warm cup of herbal tea or some delicious local cider—and get ready for another great read!

Stay healthy, stay happy and revel in the magic of life’s unfolding,



Dana Boulanger, Publisher.