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Supercharge Your Wellness Routine with New Products Available at Your CBD Store

Sunmed, the company behind Your CBD Store—the largest brick-and-mortar CBD chain in the world—has announced the release of two new products targeted at improving everyday health and wellness: All-in-One Daily Mushroom Gummies and Supergreens Daily Gummies.

“As a plant science company, Sunmed is on the cutting edge of health and wellness,” notes Cathy Parlitsis, owner of the Your CBD Store, in Mt. Kisco, who adds that all of the company’s products are third-party tested for safety.

Parlitsis says that the mushroom gummies contain 10 fruiting body mushroom extracts with functional, adaptogenic and nootropic properties. “Adaptogenic mushrooms stabilize mood, fight brain fog and fatigue, sharpen memory and focus, boost immune function and promote a healthy stress response in the body,” she explains.

With regard to the supergreens gummies, owner of the Your CBD Store, in Rye, Katherine Montane, says that the “innovative formula has eight powerful blends and 30-plus natural ingredients, including a performance blend of adaptogenic mushrooms. Achieve whole-body nutrition and then some in just two gummies a day.”

Locations: Your CBD Store, 222 E. Main St., Mt. Kisco, NY, and 131 Purchase St., Unit 3, Rye, NY. For more information, call 914.276.5409 (Mt. Kisco) or 914.921.1073 (Rye) or visit or