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Learn How to Prevent and Control Myopia

On December 13, 2023, from 7 to 9 p.m., Dr. Samantha Slotnick will give a free presentation, at her Mind-Body-World Optometry practice, in Scarsdale, titled Myopia, Prevention and Control. Attendees will learn the triggers that increase myopia (nearsightedness) and how to stop or even reverse myopia progression at any age. 

As a behavioral optometrist, Slotnick takes a holistic, interactive approach to the treatment of myopia. While most people with myopia are accustomed to needing glasses or contact lenses, with prescriptions that increase yearly, she offers alternative treatment options, including glasses optimized for near-point vision and optometric vision therapy to address the sources of myopia progression within the person, rather than merely compensating the eyes for the symptom of nearsightedness. The vision therapy that Slotnick prescribes has been shown to be very helpful for adults and children experiencing symptoms.

Mind-Body-World Optometry offers vision care for all ages and this event is one of Slotnick’s ongoing, free, in-office workshops meant to support community education about how vision develops and how differences between people result in differences in how we use our vision.

Location: Mind-Body-World Optometry, 495 Central Park Ave., Ste. 301, Scarsdale, NY. To RSVP (requested), call 914.874.1177. For more information, visit