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Book Profile: "The Ascension Guide" by Lia Russ and Meghma Hira

The Ascension Guide: Practical Advice for Lightworkers
by Lia Russ and Meghma Hira

Authors Lia Russ and Meghma Hira co-wrote The Ascension Guide: Practical Advice for Lightworkers to help lightworkers navigate the often overwhelming and isolating ascension journey. “Moreover, there is a lot of inaccurate or overly complex information available which can be confusing,” attests Hira. “The Ascension Guide offers sensitive, neurodivergent and outside-the-box individualized, practical and accessible solutions to help them embrace their gifts and foster well-being.”

Determined to reshape perceptions of sensitive individuals, the pair believes these insights are vital for humanity’s future and offer this comprehensive guide as a support tool. “Sensitive individuals excel in energy work, and our commitment is to offer accessible, factual training and a supportive community,” explains Russ. “Our mantras are ‘Leaving No Lightworker Behind’ and ‘Making Magic Mainstream.’”

The Ascension Guide identifies 18 self-care modalities including energetic cleansing, grounding and protection, and explains why they are important. The authors also illustrate how readers can incorporate surrender, trust and gratitude on the challenging journey toward manifesting their desired life. 

In addition to their guidebook, Russ and Hira co-created Lightworkers Lifeline, a powerful incubation portal, to educate, train and support emerging lightworkers to understand, develop and master their extrasensory gifts while navigating the new frequencies of the planet. “We believe in creating a future where energy workers are honored by society and compensated for their gifts,” the pair affirms. 

The Ascension Guide is available on Take a free Lightworker Archetype quiz at To learn more about the Lightworkers Remembership Training Program, email [email protected].