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Hope for Women Experiencing Hair Thinning and Loss

Apr 30, 2024 09:31AM ● By Erin Lehn


Maureen Toohey, trichologist and owner of Fresh Organic Salon, in Bedford Hills, New York, has been assisting individuals with alopecia (hair loss), scalp disorders and hair conditions for more than three decades. Over the past few years, she has noticed a significant uptick in clients reporting hair shedding, as well as severe skin and scalp issues. “In fact, many of them have experienced up to 50 percent hair loss,” states Toohey, an American Medical Association-certified hair-loss practitioner and consultant for the American Cancer Society’s Look Good Feel Better program, who knows that hair health is more than root deep.

“The best advice I give my clients is to eliminate toxic chemicals in their life as much as possible, as what we put on our skin and in our body affects our blood and overall health,” Toohey shares. “Secondly, eat clean. Feeding your body organic, balanced nutrition—healthy fats, protein and a variety of fruits and vegetables—and avoiding sugar and processed foods will help your hair become stronger and shinier. Plus, your skin will glow, too.”

According to Toohey, those experiencing hair loss should first seek the advice of a medical doctor to determine if there are any systemic causes such as an autoimmune disease, hormonal issues or nutritional deficiencies. “In most cases, regardless of a particular diagnosis, hair can be restored with ample self-care and professional guidance,” advises Toohey, who shares that she has been successful in assisting individuals in restoring and maintaining healthy hair growth, a healthy scalp, and overall health and wellness.

Toohey accomplishes this with an in-depth consultation that gets to the root cause and uses a holistic approach that includes proven therapies for restoring youthfulness to one’s hair, scalp balance and overall wellness. This extensive evaluation includes hair and scalp analysis, treatment and style which addresses issues such as thinning, psoriasis and alopecia.

After a thorough analysis, Toohey then creates a customized course of action to restore hair health for each of her clients. In addition to scheduled salon treatments, clients are guided through a home maintenance routine, which is crucial. “You’ll notice an immediate difference in the feel and manageability of your hair, and growth will be visible within a few months,” assures Toohey. “Your hair will be healthier with every visit.”

Toohey affirms that all the products she uses are safe, nonabrasive, free of side effects, and, most importantly, effective. She also uses laser therapy, which is the only U.S. Food & Drug Administration-approved treatment that produces 99.9 percent results in regrowth. In addition, she collaborates with her clients’ doctors, dermatologists and integrative medicine practitioners.

“Additionally, I highly recommend adopting a nontoxic lifestyle, healthy eating habits, and reducing mental stress through mind-body practices such as meditation,” Toohey adds. “When your body systems are overloaded or not in harmony, it slows down other systems and cuts off nutrients and blood supply. Skin and scalp disorders show up, which can lead to more permanent hair loss. For instance, dry, brittle, damaged or frizzy hair begins with the scalp, which is often affected by poor nutrition,” she explains.

Location: Fresh Organic Salon, 190 Rte. 117 / Bypass Rd., Bedford Hills. For more information or to make an appointment, call 914-242-1928, follow @fresh.organicsalon on social media or visit

Erin Lehn is a frequent contributor to Natural Awakenings magazine.