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Prevent and Treat ‘Text Neck’

Picture: Pixabay/kaboompics

Dr. Leigh Damkohler—Westchester County’s only dually licensed sports chiropractor and massage therapist—says that “text neck” is a real condition and that her treatments can help provide relief. She also shares tips on how to prevent this painful condition from arising in the first place.

“Staring down at your cell phone places constant stress on your neck shoulders and upper back—causing pain with repetition,” notes Damkohler, who completed her Graston Technique specialist training last year and is currently finalizing her Certified Posture Exercise Professionals training. “Being aware and reminding yourself to change how you hold your phone are primary to reverse your neck pain and restore the natural curve before it is too late.”

Damkohler advises that devices be held at eye level to reduce the strain on the neck; also, remember to look up and take frequent breaks; and incorporate exercises to strengthen the neck and upper back.

Ergonomic and posture-related issues are at the top of the list when it comes to what Damkohler is seeing within her practice. While she explains that the fascial techniques and chiropractic adjustments she offers are key treatment elements, her belief is that patient engagement in awareness and self-correction is critical since the extensive use of electronic devices is now so prevalent.

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