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Natural Awakenings Westchester / Putnam / Dutchess New York

Honoring the Men in Our Lives

June in the Hudson Valley region is such a lovely time, and I hope you’ll make this month memorable and satisfying in many brand-new ways. As we approach Father’s Day, think of Dad as you peruse your local farmers market or favorite hometown shop. Fathers offer invaluable and unwavering support, love and guidance all year and their well-being is important, so consider a gift or experience this year which speaks to healthy living and longevity.

Yes, we’re celebrating and honoring all the wonderful men in our lives with this month’s Men’s Health edition, compiled with plenty of goodness for a bit of informative and inspiring summer reading. There’s everything from healthy recipes, information about aging well, building strong muscles, suggestions for keeping kids entertained and active during school break and even some tidbits for happier pets.

Our timely feature story, “Solving Mental Health Issues in Men,” addresses the often-overlooked struggles many men face in our world. It’s troubling to learn that men are significantly more affected by “despair deaths” related to alcoholism, substance abuse and suicide. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention' instead reports that American men were almost four times more likely to commit suicide than women in 2021 and the National Institutes of Health  revealed recently that overdose mortality rates for opioids and stimulant drugs are now two to three times greater in men. The insights in this article offer thought-provoking strategies and options for support that many men are in need of, so we hope you share it widely. 

This month, Dr. Michael Wald helps us understand the balance of maintaining optimal health and aging gracefully in our June Wise Words department. And if you haven’t yet experienced the relaxation and bliss of floatation therapy, be sure to check out this issue’s Therapy Spotlight article on page 18 featuring Rise Above Floatation, in Mount Kisco.

In “Holistic Approach to Prostate Health,” Dr. Laurie R. Mallis explains the importance of prostate care through a natural lens. Often neglected until symptoms arise, prostate health is crucial for men’s overall well-being. Understanding the functions and potential issues of the prostate gland can lead to early interventions and better health outcomes. We consider the topic further in this month’s Conscious Eating department article which emphasizes the importance of diet and exercise in preventing prostate issues. The story of Dennis Golden, a two-time cancer survivor, is included in this must-read article.

I lost my own father to cancer in April of 2021 and I carry his memory close with me every day. He was one of my biggest supporters when I decided to assume the role of Publisher for Natural Awakenings magazine. I always keep that steadfast support he gave me in the back of my mind as I work on each monthly issue. Even though I no longer have him with me physically, I know he is alongside me spiritually and guiding me on my life’s journey.

Our cover image of bare feet reminds me it is time to revel in longer days, toes-in-the-grass afternoons and backyard gatherings with the ones we love. What outdoor delights are you taking pleasure in now that summer is coming? Whether you’ll be together with your dad or not this Father’s Day, I hope you’ll find some special moments to honor the bond you have had with him and cherish the times you’ve shared together. And let’s remember to celebrate all the men in our lives by prioritizing their health and wellness. This issue would also make a great gift for one or all of them!

Thank you for being a part of our community,



Erica Mills, Publisher