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Izlind Integrative Wellness Opens in Rhinebeck, NY: The center combines conventional medical practice and holistic therapies

Dr. Beth Gershuny

The Izlind Integrative Wellness Center & Institute, founded by Beth Gershuny, PhD, recently opened in Rhinebeck, NY. The center combines evidence-based conventional/traditional medical practice and holistic/complementary therapies designed to treat the whole person, reduce stress, fortify health and revitalize the body, mind and spirit.

Gershuny, a licensed clinical psychologist for almost 15 years and a former tenured college professor, has brought together a diverse collaborative of healthcare providers, consultants and educators to practice under the Izlind umbrella. Services will include stress management, psychotherapy, educational and nutritional counseling, meditation, Chinese medicine and acupuncture, various forms of bodywork and energy medicine, life coaching and various fitness classes, plus workshops, special events, and custom classes for individuals and groups.

Izlind’s practitioners specialize in reducing the everyday stress that brings with it a host of damaging health conditions, both physical and emotional. Whether a client is dealing with chronic pain, trying to cope with the effects of chemotherapy, struggling with a learning difference, dealing with anxiety or depression, or simply trying to be well and achieve the best possible quality of life, Izlind offers a host of solutions and treatment options suitable for all ages and needs. By combining so much professional expertise and so many services under one roof, Izlind is equipped to serve the Hudson Valley, New York City, the Tri-State area and beyond.

Izlind Integrative Wellness Center & Institute is located at 6369 Mill St. (Rte. 9) Ste. 101, Rhinebeck, NY. For info, call 845.516.4713 or visit