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Free Body-Fat Analysis at Westchester Wellness Medicine: With Dr. Angelo Baccellieri

Apr 28, 2015 12:57PM

Dr. Angelo Baccellieri, founder of Westchester Wellness Medicine

Westchester Wellness Medicine, which specializes in helping clients achieve their full health potential using bio-identical hormone replacement, nutrition, detoxification, genetic blood testing, supplements and other treatments, is offering free body-fat analyses during the month of May 2015 at its offices in Harrison and Fleetwood, NY.

According to Dr. Angelo Baccellieri, founder of Westchester Wellness Medicine, both men and women can benefit from the treatments the practice offers. “Many women don’t realize that hormones control their body functions, including weight gain and loss,” he says. “Balanced hormones are a key factor in looking and feeling good. What better time of year to get your hormones working at their optimal capacity than in May, the month before we begin enjoying the outdoor activities of summer?”

Men, meanwhile, often exercise and lift weights to get in good shape but don’t understand the physical effects of brain health, Baccellieri says. “Brain health and fitness can propel you into peak performance, longevity and enhanced sexual vigor,” he says.

For more info or to schedule a free body-fat analysis, call 914.630.7330 (Harrison office) or 914.699.6036 (Fleetwood office) or visit