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The Importance of Detoxing

Apr 28, 2015 02:19PM ● By Karina Miller

Clients often ask me why they should detox. The reality is, no matter how cleanly we eat, we live in a toxic world. Even before we take a bite of food, we are exposed to pollution in the air and toxins in our cleaning products and cosmetics—not to mention the poisonous effects of stress. So the question isn’t Am I toxic? but How toxic am I?

While our bodies detox naturally, they haven’t evolved quickly enough to keep up with the increasing toxic load. When we experience symptoms of toxicity—which range from fatigue and food intolerance to weight gain, sleeplessness and depression, among other problems—we need to hit “reset” by releasing the toxins from our organs, fatty tissues and blood.

Two organs critical to detoxification are the liver and gallbladder, which work together to support a strong immune system, balanced moods and healthy digestion. The liver, which filters and neutralizes harmful substances, cannot perform optimally when overburdened with toxins. A toxic liver leads to impaired release of bile from the gallbladder, which affects the breakdown of fats and overall digestion.

In Chinese medicine, the liver is associated with anger and the gallbladder with resentment. So detoxing won’t just make you feel cleaner, lighter and more focused—you’ll feel happier, too. If negative emotions still come up, journal, take a bath, go for a run, or talk to a friend. Releasing emotional toxins is just as important as the physical side of detoxing.

Spring is about letting go of the old and allowing a fresh start. There’s no better way to begin than with an effective detox program.

Karina Miller practices in Ardsley, NY, and NYC. She offers an 11-day Slim Down Detox & Cleanse program. For more info, call 646.784.2041 or visit

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