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Spirit, Acupressure and Personal Growth: “We are given knowledge of the energy system so that we may live more comfortable and joyful lives.”

Apr 28, 2018 10:36PM ● By By Gail Kellstrom

Gail Kellstrom

Acupressure is a clothes-on form of Asian bodywork therapy using the same ancient system of meridians that are used in acupuncture, but with hands instead of needles. The therapy has roots in ancient Chinese Taoist philosophy, which holds that body, mind and spirit are all one interconnected whole. Thus, physical, emotional and spiritual issues are all progressively addressed in JSD sessions.

According to the ancient teachers, “We are given knowledge of the energy system so that we may live more comfortable and joyful lives.” They taught that in order to support the process of self-awareness, some places on our body, which we now know as acupoints, have been gifted spiritual energy.

The ancient practitioners named each of the many acupoints on our bodies; some of those names refer to the spiritual energy contained in that place. For instance, they named an acupoint on the ribcage Gate of Hope because it is a vortex where we can receive the heavenly energy that we call hope. Another acupoint, named Middle Palace, not only relieves chest tension, but also connects us to our heart, so that we to begin to experience our higher nature and an increased sense of self-worth. Other acupoints include Spirit Gate, Flower Covering and Heavenly Palace.

In a series of acupressure sessions, as physical discomfort lessens and stressful feelings diminish or resolve, a sense of well-being, calm and wholeness sets in. Our attention begins moving inwards: the external “shoulds” and “have to’s” begin to quiet, and we are better able to connect with our inner wisdom, or shen (spirit).

The teachings tell us that the heart is the home of shen. (How many times in our lives have we heard that ancient wisdom, “Listen to your heart”?) Somewhere inside, we still hold that knowledge that spirit is a part of us.

In my career of more than 30 years, I’ve observed that clients who get acupressure sessions regularly are more and more able to get in touch with their intuition or inner wisdom: spirit.

Gail Kellstrom is a licensed massage therapist, Reiki master, registered Acupressurist and senior teacher of  Acupressure. At her private practice in Katonah, she offers individual sessions, workshops and practitioner training in acupressure. Contact her at [email protected] or 914.232.5754. For more info, visit