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Meditation Helps Massage Therapist ‘Listen’ to the Body: “I assess where the client is emotionally, listening to what their muscles have to say."

Apr 28, 2019 03:38PM

Lynda Myers

Lynda Myers is a licensed massage therapist. Her hands are her work. But her ears are an important part of the job too.

“Being a meditator for over 30 years has made me a decent listener. Its stills me to open myself to the work,” she says. “I assess where the client is emotionally, listening to what their muscles have to say. Some muscles need cajoling—perhaps a little more pressure, or not so much—before they are ready to release. Perhaps the problem isn’t in the tight calf muscle, for example, but the gluteus maximus is shortening up the entire leg and is causing the calf to be tight. I could work on the calf all day, but unless I find the problem in the glut, the calf may not release correctly. I have to feel with my hands, accessing the landscape of the body to see where to begin, where to unravel. That’s part of what makes massage fun.”

With 25 years’ experience in massage therapy, Myers bases her treatments in Swedish massage, incorporating myofascial release, trigger point and shiatsu massage, and energy work. Her specialty is medical massage, addressing injuries, chronic muscle tension and overuse.

“My work is detail-oriented and intuitive, marrying the science and art of healing,” she says. “Each client brings different needs to the table every session, and every session is unique.”

Location: Linda Myers Healing Massage, 45 Fairview Ave., 2nd Floor, Tuckahoe, NY. For info or appointments, contact her at 917.660.8160 or [email protected]

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