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Greg Ribaudo Opens Peak Wellness, an Advanced Bio-optimization Wellness and Healing Facility in Somers

Feb 27, 2020 05:30PM ● By Marilee Burrell

Greg Ribaudo

Greg Ribaudo, an integrative health coach and bioenergetic practitioner, has opened Peak Wellness, an advanced bio-optimization wellness and healing facility, in Somers.

“Our services are for anyone looking to age gracefully; increase their vitality, energy and mental clarity; decrease inflammation; resolve chronic health issues; boost their immune system; address postural imbalances; or attain deep relaxation, purpose and well-being,” Ribaudo says. “We utilize a powerful combination of bio-hacking technologies—previously only available to professional athletes—and integrative holistic solutions to enhance your life. We endeavor to be a beacon of light and guidance on your health and wellness journey.”

After a career in construction left him with injuries, Ribaudo spent more than 20 years searching for an effective way to rehabilitate and reverse them. He worked with dozens of health professionals, dove deep into the world of alternative health, wellness and biotechnology, and studied under several leading health experts, including Paul Chek and Dr. Jerry Tennant. Ribaudo says he combined their teachings with those of others to create a unique approach to thriving in the modern world.

“At the Peak, we’ve developed several circuits of wellness—potent, streamlined combinations of wellness modalities that give people of all ages and abilities maximum results with minimal effort,” he says. Modalities include pulsed electromagnetic frequency (PEMF), red light therapy, exercise with oxygen therapy, near- and far-infrared detox sauna, hydrogen therapy, whole-body vibration, cold thermogenesis, chi vitalization, bioenergetic analysis, grounding and charging, detoxification and meditation.

 Location: Peak Wellness Center, Somers, NY. For more info, call 914.301.3393, email [email protected] or visit Peak Wellness.