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Natural Awakenings Westchester / Putnam / Dutchess New York

Anne Bentzen, MSOT – Balancing 4 Life

Anne Bentzen

Anne Bentzen, MSOT

Certified Jikiden Reiki Shihankaku Teacher and Practitioner

137 Lake St., West Harrison, NY

914.588.4079 •[email protected]

"Balancing subtle energies ignites the body’s own abilities to improve health and well-being,” says Anne Bentzen, a Jikiden Reiki practitioner and teacher and the owner of Balancing 4 Life. “Through energetic counseling, I empower my clients to make positive lifestyle changes. They gain internal awareness of their own energy-management skills and then learn how to use them.”


Services offered:

Jikiden Reiki private in-person and remote sessions, intuitive identification of body imbalances, Jikiden Reiki Classes (level 1), energetic counseling, visualization meditations, customized Bach and Australian flower essence formulas, crystal healing therapy, and crystalline grids to shift a home or office environment.


Areas of expertise:

Stress relief, pain management, inflammation, migraines, insomnia, cancer treatment side effects, anxiety, depression and grief. Autoimmune diseases and underlying emotional conflicts. Post-surgical healing. Improvement of immunity, mental clarity and balance. Pregnancy support for easier childbirth. Personal energy management training for responsible, heart-centered living.


Philosophical approach:

Balancing 4 Life is a holistic approach to support your health and well-being. Subtle energies invoke cellular changes to aid your path to wholeness. My goal is to facilitate your body’s ability to heal itself. Energetic balance creates harmony between heart and mind.”