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With Streaming Classes, Vitalah Simon of YogaShine Pierces the Virtual Veil

Vitalah Simon

YogaShine is an institution in a Westchester’s yoga community, having offered in-person classes for more than 30 years before transitioning to online teaching, with an ongoing schedule that includes multi-level mat classes, super-gentle chair classes and individual yoga therapy sessions. Regardless of the format, the studio’s commitment to personalized instruction has never wavered, says main teacher and yoga therapist Vitalah Simon.

“Students are observed closely and given clear, specific verbal directions, slowly and succinctly,” she says. “Movements are demonstrated as necessary, and the teacher stays close to the computer screen, often seated, watching for subtle nonverbal cues from the students and giving verbal feedback concerning alignment and safety of the execution of the poses. Observing students closely and intuitively is even more important during online teaching because there is less direct kinesthetic communication through our bodies and breaths.”

Newcomers can attend their first group class free, and receive a free 10-minute technology consultation to set up their home yoga space before they join. The Zoom classroom always “opens” 15 minutes early to handle any tech problems and allow students to chat.   

“Some verbal interaction helps create an experience of being together with others, which is good medicine for these times of increased isolation and physical distance,” Simon notes. “Teaching means lifting up others: questions are welcome, and praise and encouragement are offered. By the end of a class, we are usually all feeling more at home with ourselves and the world we inhabit.” 

For more info, contact Simon at 914.769.8745 or [email protected] 
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