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Enhancing Women’s Wellness with CBD

Apr 28, 2023 09:31AM ● By Sara Gurgen
Cannabidiol (CBD) is a compound found in cannabis, yet it is derived directly from the hemp plant itself and doesn’t contain any tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), so it is not intoxicating or psychotropic. CBD can be formulated into oils, capsules, tinctures, extracts, food items, beauty products and more. Clinical research indicates that CBD is effective at treating epilepsy. Anecdotal evidence suggests it can help with a variety of other conditions.

According to Marcie Manfredonia, owner of CBD Live Natural, in Bedford Hills, CBD can offer myriad benefits to women for issues related to hormonal imbalances, period pain, anxiety and depression, menopause symptoms, skin care (including acne), sleep and even sex.

Manfredonia recommends these products for the following conditions: for menstruation, a CBD cramp salve; for menopause, a CBD tincture; for stress relief, CBD gummies or tincture; for sexual functioning, a CBD tincture; for mood swings, a CBD tincture or capsule; for better sleep, a CBD tincture or gummies; for pain relief/body aches, a CBD salve, roll-on or tincture; for energy enhancement, CBD drinks or cream; and for anxiety and depression, a CBD tincture.

When it comes to skin care, Manfredonia says that their line is designed and formulated to give a woman’s skin a truly amazing glow. “You can enhance your skin with our all-natural CBD mask. It helps exfoliate unwanted dead skin cells and promotes new skin cells to grow. It can also aid in improved circulation, smoothing the surface of your skin, and enhances the absorption of serum and moisturizer, leaving your skin to reveal its radiant glow.”

In addition, Manfredonia says their CBD face and eye cream helps reduce fine lines, puffiness and redness; their CBD lotion helps restore dry and cracked skin; and their CBD hydraulic and ferulic serum is a great booster to any standalone antioxidant treatment.

When shopping for CBD products, Manfredonia advises women to be conscious of quality. “The better the quality, the more benefit you’ll receive. Organic growing methods use natural pest and disease control, as well as techniques like crop rotation. This improves the quality of the plants, and it helps the Earth too.”

For CBD to be more effective, for women, Manfredonia offers the following advice: “When taking CBD products, it is very important that you are consistent. In order to see results faster, be sure to speak to someone knowledgeable, so that they can recommend the right dosage for you, as well as how often you should take the products.”

CBD Live Natural is located at 720 N. Bedford Rd., in Bedford Hills, NY. For more information, call 914.705.1111, email [email protected] or visit

CBD products have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration and this information is not intended to diagnose, treat or cure any condition. Always consult your physician or healthcare provider before using any product and regarding any health- related diagnosis or treatment option.