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It Takes a Village to Foster Better Health

Oct 31, 2023 09:31AM ● By Erin Lehn

Jillian Pelliccio & Aston Farquharson

Aston Farquharson, CEO and founder of NuSpecies, didn’t set out to have a vocation in the natural health field. As the saying goes, however, life is what happens when you’re busy making other plans. After experiencing the heartbreaking, untimely deaths of both of his parents and other family members due to serious medical conditions, this former Wall Street lawyer abandoned his legal career to embark on a new journey. His chief aim: To help as many people as possible—especially those struggling with major health concerns—live longer, healthier lives. NuSpecies, the natural health company he created in 2007 with Executive Vice President Jillian Pelliccio, is the result of that noble pursuit.

Farquharson, a scientist, is the inventor of NuSpecies’ raw, plant-based formulas designed to work with the body’s natural functions. “We’ve reviewed thousands of lab reports and have a strong awareness of human health and the challenges we face. We use that data to inform what goes into our products,” he says.

Farquharson attests that on any given day, he speaks to anywhere between 30 and 50 people, many with considerable health concerns. “There is an incredibly wide spectrum of disease conditions,” he reports. “Some of our clients come to us and their bodies are devastated. However, 98 percent of the people I talk to every single day see improvements in their health with NuSpecies products. And I never tire of hearing this feedback. I want nothing more than to see them get better. In my mind, each one of them is my father or mother, so it’s extra rewarding to know that their health is improving, and they won’t die prematurely in vain.”

NuSpecies employees and clients are such fans of the formulas, Farquharson affirms that approximately 80 percent of the company’s business comes from referrals. “Our staff and current customers love our products so much, they inadvertently become health missionaries for their families and friends,” he explains. “Because of this, we’ve been able to help countless people around the world regain their health and well-being. It’s a testament to the goodness in people’s hearts and the love they have for others to give them the gift of good health.”

Farquharson believes the best heath practices offer a synergistic relationship between Eastern and Western medicine practices. “That’s the basis of integrative medicine, to blend the best of all medicines. If a person comes to us with nutritional deficiencies, we’ll find them the perfect NuSpecies formula. However, if somebody comes to us with blood clots, we’re going to send them to the hospital, so they have access to the proper care and pharmaceutical medicine to eliminate the clot. Once they’re stable, then we can give them a formula to help them heal faster and minimize the side effects of any prescription medications.”

In their never-ending quest to be of service to others, Farquharson and his team are always dreaming of ways to help others achieve better health. With their whole-hearted belief in integrative medicine practices, it was a natural next step in the company’s evolution to open integrative medical centers. “We have four NuSpecies integrative medical practices planned so far,” he says. “The first one opens in Elmont, New York, in December, and we couldn’t be more excited. Physician, Dr. Glenicia Nosworthy, will be heading it up,” shares Farquharson. “She worked for us for years before attending medical school. We couldn’t be more pleased that this was her path. At all our clinics, patients will work with doctors that believe healing is possible.”

Farquharson shares that everything at NuSpecies takes a village mentality to accomplish. “Our formulas rely on a village of plants, working in harmony to support one another,” he says, regarding his famed NuSpecies formulas. Speaking of villages working harmoniously together, Farquharson says he couldn’t accomplish much without Pelliccio and the rest of the NuSpecies team. “I feel like my life is so easy, to tell you the truth,” he shares. “And that’s because we have an amazing team. We have so many wonderful, smart people from manufacturing to the stores. They’re the foundation of NuSpecies. Sure, I’m the inventor, but I couldn’t do it without my team. I’m so blessed and fortunate to have people execute what I create.”

Farquharson says his motivation is always strong because he believes everyone deserves a healthy life. “We all should have the tools available to us to achieve the best health possible,” he explains. “Good health makes happy people. Happy people make happy communities. Happy communities create a better world.”

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Erin Lehn is a frequent contributor to Natural Awakenings.