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New Nutrition Program Sustains Personal & Global Health: The Institute of Sustainable Nutrition (TIOSN) in West Granby, CT.

Sep 04, 2013 11:57AM

The Institute of Sustainable Nutrition (TIOSN), an innovative new school, is now accepting applications for its September opening at Holcomb Farm in West Granby, CT.  Classes will meet one weekend a month for a one-year certification in Sustainable Health and Nutrition.

This unique hands-on program comes at a pivotal point in the world’s food evolution. It starts by exploring the science of the human body and food, and the seasonal changes. From there, participants will move into the gardens to learn to nourish the soil and grow healthy food and herbs. They will discover how to take the harvest into the kitchen, prepare it in myriad ways, and extend and preserve the season’s bounty. Time will be spent identifying weeds that can be found when foraging in the yard and learning what to do with them as food and first aid. The rich past and exciting present of kitchen medicine with herbs will also be covered.

More than a school, TIOSN is a movement. In addition to affording attendees an opportunity to enhance their knowledge and skills, the program was created with the understanding that the time spent together in these tasks–tasks that are steeped in traditional knowledge and wisdom–will create and sustain community.

Holcomb Farm is located at 113 Simsbury Road, West Granby, CT. Tuition assistance available. For information, call 860.764.9070, or visit