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Practitioner Profile: Adhi Two Owls: The New Global Shaman: Adhi Two Owls

Adhi Two Owls calls herself “the New Global Shaman.” She travels all over the world, teaching and sharing ancient healing methods that she combines with modern therapies to help people navigate the challenges we all face in this rapidly changing world. Her home base is the New England area, New York State and Pennsylvania, where she visits clients in their homes, offers Skype sessions, and teaches at venues arranged by her hosts.

“Working with me is similar to working with a therapist,” she says. “You make an appointment, we begin to create a dialogue around what ‘wellness’ looks like for you, and then together we map out a plan of action.”

Her goal is to help clients reach their potential by developing “individualized path work” that is both meaningful and effective. “I guide ways to develop spiritual grounding—healing ancestral burdens, removing attachments, managing addiction issues, balancing energy, and creating ceremonies that celebrate life events or, in the case of grief, bring closure,” she says.

A lifelong passion for arts and spiritual development, as well as 23 years studying sacred objects and tools from around the world, led Adhi to work with traditional teachers. Eventually she earned a doctorate in therapeutic counseling based on her work with shamanism (traditional healing practices); sacred tools, “the embodiment of art and magic,” as a physical science and in dream-time practices; and contemporary healing practices incorporating science, art and spiritual development.

Adhi has become known as a pioneer in the field of new shamanism. “I wear many hats to cover the many different ways this manifests in the world, from shaman to artist to landscape designer and healer,” she says. “It’s the combination of ancient methods, such as shaking the rattle and playing the drum, with modern technologies and therapies that brings about the best results. This unification is key to bringing balance back into the world.”

For more information about Adhi Two Owls, look for her on Facebook and Twitter and visit