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Light Therapy Can Have Emotional and Visual Benefits: “Light therapy is a means of bringing the nervous system into balance."

Light therapy—also known as color therapy or Syntonic Phototherapy—is a holistic, gentle, noninvasive treatment that can ease stress as well as boost visual function, says Dr. Samantha Slotnick, a specialist in behavioral optometry and vision therapy.

“Light therapy is a means of bringing the nervous system into balance,” Slotnick says. “With the use of different parts of the color spectrum, individuals often report calmness along with enervation. The therapy expands the use of one’s peripheral visual field, which has the emotional benefits of facilitating calmness and stress release. The added benefits spill over into visual function, improving eye-teaming and eye-tracking skills.” The patient’s progress is tracked by regularly assessing the visual field, which delineates the boundary between what we see consciously and what remains hidden, she says.

Her practice offers a new wellness package combining this light therapy with BEMER (Bio ElectroMagnetic Energy Regulation) Therapy.

“With the addition of BEMER, the advantages of light therapy are amplified,” she says. “BEMER enhances blood flow through our micro-circulation. Following a light therapy session, BEMER helps carry the light frequencies throughout the finest blood vessels of the body, gently facilitating balance and well-being at the cellular level.”

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