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Natural Awakenings Westchester / Putnam / Dutchess New York

Science: 7 p.m., May 17, at First Unitarian Society of Westchester, in Hastings-on-Hudson

Dr. Andrew Vidich

Andrew Vidich, PhD, an international meditation teacher and author, will teach a workshop on Jyoti Meditation at a free introductory meeting of Science of Spirituality, a nondenominational, international organization dedicated to transforming lives through spirituality and meditation. The meeting is set for 7 p.m., May 17, at First Unitarian Society of Westchester, in Hastings-on-Hudson.

Co-founder of the Interfaith Council of the United Nations, Vidich has a PhD in theology from Columbia University; has taught courses on mysticism, Sufism, comparative religion and spirituality; and is the author of three books, Light Upon Light, Love Is a Secret and Let There Be Light. He has practiced meditation for more than 40 years and taught workshops throughout North and South America, Europe and Africa.

“This is a rare opportunity to participate in one of Dr. Vidich’s exciting and uplifting workshops,” says Steven Levy, Bronx/Westchester Science of Spirituality coordinator. “He will explore the ways we can enhance our daily life and connect with that power of love within us by tapping inside through meditation. This power of love is transformative in nature and connects us with the love and light within us.”

Jyoti Meditation, a simple but powerful technique, helps us go beyond the inner chatter to a place of greater peace, wisdom and love, Levy says. “By awakening this inner love, compassion and forgiveness, we will learn how we can utilize that in our daily life to gain freedom from past hurts, move forward and enjoy more fulfilling, harmonious relationships.”

“We learn through the meditation process that you have thoughts but you are not your thoughts,” Vidich says. “You can choose to identify or not identify with every thought that goes through your brain. You can choose not to identify with thoughts that are negative.”

Cost: Free. Location: First Unitarian Society of Westchester, 25 Old Jackson Ave., Hastings-on-Hudson, NY. For more info, call 914.433.1800 or visit